Reusable Lighter
Reusable Lighter

Reusable Lighter

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This awesome Reusable Lighter is designed to attach to your keychain.

☑️ WATERPROOF AND RUSTPROOF - The exterior casing of the lighter is made of a strong aluminium which is a rustproof material.

☑️ STRONG AND DURABLE - The exterior shell is made of a strong aluminium alloy. This material is extremely strong and durable but also lightweight.

☑️ REUSABLE ONCE EMPTY - The fuel capsule can be removed easily just by pulling the bottom part of the casing off and you can add additional lighter fluid. The lighter can be filled up with any lighter fluid found at your local grocery store, petrol station, hardware store etc. Unfortunately, we can’t send flammable liquids in the mail.

☑️ OUR GUARANTEE - We know you will love this product! That's why if yore not satisfied just return the product within 30 days of the delivery date for our money back guarantee.